Zoo Field Trip

Did you know the Zoo has FREE field trips each month (with paid admission or an annual membership)? Each month focuses on a different animal. August is bug month and includes story time as well as a ride on the train. September is all about elephants and lions and includes a bus tour. I found out about this through the East County Christian Mommies group I signed up for. I couldn’t pass it up even though I had to be there at 8:45 to check in which is really inconvenience timing with Benjamin’s new nap schedule, however, I knew Corbin would love it and couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Once everyone was checked in we made our way to the children’s zoo where the bug building is located. The kids loved looking at the ants, bees, stick bugs, beetles, etc. The group of kids mostly consisted of boys, but there were a few girls. They ran from exhibit to exhibit with smiles and excitement as they watched the bugs in their habitats. After the bugs we made our way to the compost area and then out of the zoo to the grass in front of the train. The leaders read a fun book about a spider and sang the Itzy Bitzy Spider song. The kids all seemed to really like that. Afterward we made our way over to the train and waited for the train to arrive. The kids waited anxiously by the gate. It was so cute to see them all lined up. When the train was stopped and ready to be loaded, the gate was opened and the kids ran to get their spot. I’m not sure if the kids were more excited about the bugs or the train. Ha! We went around the track twice and then unloaded. It was a fun way to start a morning, that’s for sure.

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