Zoo in May

Our Zoo passes expired March 30th and we’ve been having withdrawals. Corbin has asked on several occasions to go, but it hasn’t been in the budget…till Friday when Luke surprised me with a new pass. Yeah! I told Corbin and he started walking toward the gate. Ha! I told him we couldn’t go that day because it was too late in the day, but that we’d try to go in the next couple of days. We ended up going Saturday and were expecting a huge crowd and instead it was the best day to go. Who would have thought! We arrived around 9:30am and the parking lot was fairly empty and a breeze to walk around the park. The Elephant Odyssey was wide open which is saying a lot if you’ve ever been. The walkways are so narrow in some places making it very difficult to walk around. Not this day! It was a great day to spent with my men.

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