Women’s Expo or Sex po?

I know this is childish and silly, but I had to share. I was watching the news last night and a commercial came on about the Head to Toe Women’s Expo in Del Mar starting April 11th-13th. That all was fine and dandy, but when they flashed their website I read it as though it said “head to toe women’s sex po”. Not like that makes a lot of sense…it’s just how I read it. What do you see at first? http://www.headtotoewomensexpo.com.

Don’t let their website scare you away. The Head to Toe Women’s Expo looks like a great place for women to find all the latest and greatest fashion, culinary, cosmetics, etc. I’d probably go if I could, but I’m booked that weekend. Anyway, take a friend and have some girl time and let me know how it went.

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