What to pack for the hospital when you go into labor

What to pack for the hospital when you go into labor:


*1 nightgown, and a bathrobe
*Nursing bra
*Breast pads
*Several pairs of underwear, either cotton or disposable
*Toiletries: toothbrush and toothpaste, washcloth, towel, brush, hair ties, face cream, shower gel, shampoo, makeup, small mirror, perfume
*Clothes to wear home
*Snacks for you and your partner
*Magazines, books, or other diversions
*2 copies of your birth plan
*Health insurance and hospital preregistration information


*Outfit to go home in
*Sweater or coat and a hat to come home in, depending on the weather

***Remember that you must install a rear-facing infant seat into the car in which you are bringing the baby home


*A change of clothes
*Drinks and snacks
*Telephone numbers for friends and family to let them know the good news
*Camera and film, or video camera
*A bag with basic toiletries

Extra comfort aids for labor (check with your doctor to make sure you can bring these extra items with you)

*An extra pillow or pillows
*A CD player and CD’s of relaxing music, plus spare batteries
*A cassette player and books on tape plus spare batteries or IPod
*A hot water bottle for pain relief
*A journal
*A big box of tissues
*Lip balm
*A spray bottle, filled with cool water to spray your face
*A pregnancy book with highlighted pages for easy reference on medications, birthing positions, etc. that will help you make quick decisions in the delivery room if your doctor asks

This list was found in the Johnson’s – Mother & Baby book

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