Truck Caught on Fire

A few nights back a truck went off the side of the road in the back canyon of Crest. We saw the truck in the morning and there were some people standing around looking at it as well as another truck getting ready to pull it out. They tried for hours with little success because they were using a rope rather than something a tow truck would use. Eventually they did manage to get the truck back on the road, but they left it on the road. I figured they must have damaged the truck pretty bad and couldn’t get it in gear or the truck wouldn’t start. That night a helicopter was making a loud commotion in the canyon and when we poked our heads out to see what was going on we saw the helicopter with its spot light on the truck asking them to leave. I’m sure they finally realized after a few times that no one was in the truck and left. Today, Sept 22, two guys came back for the truck and tried to get it started. They managed to get it up the road some, but then the truck caught on fire. I heard my mom and dad say that the truck was on fire and I ran outside to see. I saw the two men near the truck and then started running. I yelled “put some dirt on it!”, but either they didn’t hear (it’s a canyon, so you can typically hear everything people say even from far away) or they just didn’t care and wanted to get out of there. I hope they at least attempted to call 911. We have had 2 fires in Crest in the last 6 years (give or take) and we don’t want to relive another. My dad called the sheriff and they said a truck was on it’s way. For some reason they came down our back road and we had to redirect them back to South Lane to the canyon entrance. All the while we are watching this truck burn up like a match stick. There was a big BOOM! The fire must have made it’s way to the gas tank. Before long the firemen were in range and the water doused the fire. Man, what a close call! I hope the sheriff finds the owner of the truck and smacks him around. They aren’t even supposed to be driving back there, but they do anyway. They ruin it for everyone else! Thank you God for sparing us and allowing us to take a deep breath.

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