Thanksgiving Weekend

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***Sorry these posts are late. WordPress wasn’t allowing me to add photos, so my posts are behind.***

Moving to the bay area allowed us to open our home to family that live in northern California. Luke’s dad, sister, 2 aunts and uncle joined us for Thanksgiving. It was a Shiras reunion. And even though I was a crazy maniac in the kitchen I was so blessed to hear the conversations and laughter in our home.

Having Luke’s dad and sister in town for a few extra days allowed us to explore a little of San Francisco. We took them to Golden Gate park and had a mini adventure. I had no idea how big the park was! We only saw a small portion and I was in love.
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Corbin also opened a few birthday gifts early since Sheryl and Paul were here. He was so excited to receive his Lego set and spent the afternoon putting it together. Paul helped supervise.
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