I only had one plan yesterday and that was to go to a baby shower at 2:30pm. How was I to know it was for me? Ha! Yep, I was fooled! Kimberly, Kathleen & Joy collaborated back in December at Corbin’s 2nd birthday party and decided it would be fun to throw me a surprise baby shower. The hard part was figuring out how they were going to get me there. It ended up that Ashley (a friend of Kimberly’s), who is also pregnant, was coming down this weekend, so Kimberly made up a story that she was going to throw her an early baby shower and wanted me to come and take pictures. I agreed, of course, because I knew Ashley and thought nothing of it. Silly me!

I arrived a few minutes late. Yes, I stopped and picked up my mocha ice blended at The Coffee Bean down the street. Come on, it was too convenient to not to. Anyway, I pulled in the parking lot and was surprised to only see two cars. I thought that it was strange that no one was there, but most people I know in San Diego are always late. Once I got out of the car I started grabbing my bags and Kimberly started walking toward me and we chatted for a second when I noticed that there was another parking lot filled with cars. I didn’t notice any in particular, but I was happy to see Ashley was going to blessed by lots of guests at her shower. So naive! When I walked in the door Ashley was standing alone to the left and that’s where I drew my attention until I heard a big “SURPRISE!” coming from a group to the right. I couldn’t see my face, but I can only imagine that I had a puzzled and confused look on my face. I couldn’t understand why my mom and friends were standing there and then someone said “surprise it’s really for you, not Ashley”. I’ve never had a surprise party before and am not the type to volunteer to be the center of attention, but after a few moments I snapped to and started really enjoying myself. The best part was who was there. I had my mom and cousin, old friends and new friends…it was really amazing to see everyone together in one room. I kept wondering how on earth did all these ladies keep this a secret. Usually someone slips, but I really had no clue. Good job ladies!

You know when people say “it’s all in the details”? Well, that’s what this shower was…all about the details. The food was all made by scratch by Kathleen’s husband, Luke and Joy made her yummy lumpia and potatoes. Jessica made the most adorable cake made out of fondant. This was her second time making a cake with fondant and it turned out amazing and tasted even better. The chocolate cupcakes were delectable too. Another great treat was instead of the traditional baby shower games, Kimberly, Rosie & Ashley brought all their scrapbooking stuff to make baby pages for baby #2. They turned out so good and I can’t wait to take pictures to make them complete. Everything was so special and well thought out. A girl couldn’t ask for anything more. I am so blessed to have these women in my life and thank God for them.

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