Subtle Differences

Today was Benjamin’s 4 month doctors appointment even though he’s technically closer to 5 months. He is doing great! He’s 15lbs 3.5oz (32%), 27.17″ (92%) long and his head circumference is 16.85″ (45%). I was proud to tell the doctor he was 100% breastfed and that I didn’t have any concerns. Thank you, Jesus! At the end when it was time for shots, Benjamin was such a little trooper. He did cry, but was quickly comforted by my embrace. As a mom, I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is to see the pain your children have to bare, but you know it’s for the best.

Now that I have another child to compare, it’s fun to look back and see the differences. When Corbin was Benjamin’s age, he was 18lbs 12oz and 27″ long. That confirms it, Corbin was a BIG baby. Ha!

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1 thought on “Subtle Differences

  1. Wow so they were the same length but Corbin was almost 4 pounds heavier. Yup, he was big! Funny he’s so skinny now! But looks like Benjamin is gonna be tall just like brother and daddy. šŸ™‚ Thank you Lord for sparing Julia’s back this time around! haha ;P And I have to say every time I see/hear about you breastfeeding it makes my heart so happy. Thank you Lord for answered prayers!!!!

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