Sison Wedding

November 27th I had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer at a friends wedding. I will admit that this was my first big wedding and the pressure was on. I had done two previous weddings a few years back, but they were much smaller in scale and the photos were a favor and not for profit. I had reason to be nervous, but welcomed the challenge. It was a good thing too because I think I had almost every challenge I could have possibly imagined. There was the first time wedding photographer jitters, time constraints, fog, noon sun glare on the beach, inside reception (I do mostly natural light photography) where they kept opening and closing the curtains, camera malfunction, flash malfunction, my first time working with an assistant photographer,etc. With all that, I got through the day without the slightest sign of fatigue which is amazing since I was a couple days shy of being 6 months pregnant. This wedding was indeed an experience that I am so thankful for. Not only did I get to witness the union of two wonderful people, but I was able to photograph their memories. Thank you Amy and Allan for the opportunity!

For more pictures click on: SisonWedding (All photos are copyrighted)

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