Sacramento here we come! Yep, that’s right…Luke accepted a job with an architecture firm in Sacramento and starts immediately. What an answer to prayer! Big changes are here for the Shiras family and as God continues to provide for us in amazing ways, we can’t help but grow in our trust and faith.

When I’ve been asked “what is something special about you?” I’ve always been able to fall back on “I’m a native of San Diego.” San Diego is a transient city and not many people can make that claim. Now that I’m moving, I won’t be able to say that anymore. Weird! I’m sure I’ll find that there are a lot of things like that that I’ll come to realize very soon like how homesick I will be. We will be without our family, our church that we’ve cherished for the past year and a half, and our many friends. Thankfully moving 500 miles won’t cause us to lose those connections because of Facebook (yes, I said it), the internet and phone. Plus, we will be making a few trips for the holidays too.

Sacramento is going to be a great adventure for us. I am loving that we are going to be closer to Yosemite and Tahoe…places I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, but haven’t had the chance to go. I’ve been wanting a road trip and nows my chance. I didn’t think I’d be following a moving van though. Ha!

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