Hello world!

Searching for pictures? The Gallery is now integrated and ready for your viewing pleasure. For those of you with questions about what themes we used, here is a brief explination…

I use the Cutline Theme for WordPress with the WordPressEmbeded Theme for Gallery2. I use the custom wpg2header.php option to remove the sidebars and get the page title from G2. I also had to make changes to the top navigation so that it looks like the other pages (ie current page is in Green font)

One last thing, like many WP themes the sidebar was called from the Index, Page and Post php files so I moved that portion to the footer and made a custom WPG2footer that omits the call for a sidebar. This was probably an unnecessary step since I don’t use the sidebar within the gallery pages but now you know.

I also use the squarethumb module in G2 for a more uniform look.