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A long time friend of mine, Crystal, invited me to attend a La Leche meeting last night. She told me how the group had benefited her greatly after the birth of her daughter and how she is now an active member. She also explained that the topic of the evening was breastfeeding. Since I am pretty much clueless as to what that completely entails other than it has something to do with my boob, food for my child and my baby, I agreed to go. I had never heard of the La Leche League previously, but because my friend encouragement me to attend and I am trying to absorb as much information as possible before my baby is born I figured it couldn’t hurt. Man, am I glad I went.

Here is a brief, yet thorough description of what the La Leche League is (also found on there website):

La Leche League is a nonprofit nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing information, encouragement and support to women who wish to breastfeed their babies. Our meetings are led by volunteer mothers who have happily and successfully breastfed their own children and have subsequently been accredited by LLL International. The breastfeeding information presented by LLL Leaders has been approved by the LLL International Medical Advisory Board of physicians and professionals recognized as experts in their field.

LLL helps mothers by sharing information and by giving mother-to-mother support. As you turn to us for encouragement, we turn to you for your help. Your support is needed in continuing LLL services to mothers who need us. Would you like to become a member or send us a donation? We are a nonprofit organization. Your $40 annual membership includes the bimonthly magazine NEW BEGINNINGS, discounted Area Conference registration, and library privileges. Your membership or donation helps us to maintain our telephone message service, buy books for group libraries, provide handouts at our meetings and print and mail meeting notices.”

I was encouraged to see a diverse group of women attend last night. There were three pregnant women and all the others had children ranging from newborns to young children. The women were not shy about talking about their personal experiences with breastfeeding or any other topic and that made me feel at ease. They were also not shy about breastfeeding during our group discussion. To them it was completely normal and natural to breastfeed and they didn’t let it interfere with being in a social environment. As a mother to be, this was enlightening and helped me to see how natural breastfeeding, motherhood and birth really is. I look forward to connecting with these women through their monthly meetings, weekly play groups or just e-mailing and calling with random questions I come up with. That’s another thing…I loved that they offered me their contact information that night and said I could e-mail or call anytime with questions. They even said that when I’m in labor and have a question I can call and they would be happy to help me as best they could. I love that!

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