Knowing dads voice


A couple weeks ago Luke brought home Children’s Illustrated Bible. He told me he wanted to start reading to our son so that when he was born he would know his voice. Every night since, Luke will read a couple stories from the children’s bible and we will pray.

Thank you God for putting the motivation and desire on my husbands heart to want to reading and pray to our unborn son. I am overjoyed that they are bonding as father and son even though he is still in the womb and I know when he is born he will know exactly who daddy is. For me, that is just the sweetest thing.

Some people may not realize, but by 28 weeks a baby is already able to see, hear, touch and have a sense of smell. All the organs, muscles, eyes, hands and feet, brain, ears and even hair are developed by this time. A baby has established sleeping patterns and when awake they are practicing their reflexes by kicking, moving, sucking his thumbs and stretching. There is an actual little person inside me!

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1 thought on “Knowing dads voice

  1. Julia, a spiritual husband like you have is a true blessing! 🙂
    And…my niece was born at 28 weeks, 12 years ago…and, though tiny, she was a perfect little one..and healthy today 🙂 I just couldn’t believe babies that small could live…how incredible! 🙂

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