Keen Family Photos

I think we managed to capture a few lovely shots even if we only had 10 minutes to take photos. The Keen’s had a million other things to accomplish that day before jumping on a plane the next morning to South Carolina…so we had to act fast. Take a look!

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2 thoughts on “Keen Family Photos

  1. Sometimes the ‘fast’ photo shoots are better than the long, painful drawn-out ones.

    As long as your location is good, spontaneity still counts for as lot

    PS Are they always colour coordinated? 0.o

  2. It was a Christmas Card shoot and since it typically never looks like Christmas around here, they wore Santa Red to make it feel Christmas-y.

    But it does remind me of the scene in the Wedding Singer where Robby and Julia are at the photographer’s studio. All the “sample photos” and the families getting portraits taken are all color coordinated.

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