Welcome Wendy

Wendy is visiting us from Australia. She spent two weeks in Washington, a week in LA and is now finishing up her vacation in San Diego. Since both my husband and I have to work and she’s staying with us, we decided to recruit a few friends to keep her busy during the last part of her stay. She’s going to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park as well as some girl time with some of the ladies from church. We are so thankful she is able to stay with us and we hope she will be able to take back some wonderful memories with her to Australia.

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1 thought on “Welcome Wendy

  1. Hi Julia. Thanks for the warm welcome. I am enjoying my stay here. And as for the new friends I am making here…well, I think I will be feeling sad when it comes to time to head back home.

    I guess I could have come down stairs and told you all this.

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