Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Saturday we had three birthdays to attend to. Most people would choose to only attend one or maybe two, but we are crazy and thought we could handle it…or we’d at least try. We live a little dangerously! Ha!

Isabella’s party was the last of the three and right before we turned into the parking lot, Corbin passed out in his carseat. I don’t blame him one bit since he’d been going all day with no nap. It was inevitable! What to do!?! We put him in the stroller and he slept through the entire party even with all the kids screaming and adult chatter around him. Can I say, “Amen!” With one kid down, Luke and I could trade off with Benjamin and I could take some pictures of Isabella’s first birthday. We had a great time and especially enjoyed watching the kids go nuts for the pinantas. Happy 1st Birthday, Isabella!

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