Grand Canyon Skywalk

Yea! I’m back from another quick adventure. Luke and I drove Monday afternoon to Vegas and got back around 1am this morning.

Luke was invited to attend the grand opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. We knew little about the actual event, but Luke signed us up for the bus so all we had to do was meet a bus at the Golden Nugget at 7am Tuesday morning. Soon after we boarded the bus, we met a few people and asked if they knew anything. We asked the right person because she worked for the Grand Canyon Destinations and they helped organize the event. We found out that the buses wouldn’t be going back to Las Vegas until 3 or 4pm which meant we wouldn’t start driving back to San Diego until around 7pm…yikes! We also found out that the whole day was planned out…lunch, authentic Hualapai Indian Tribe dancing and an official ceremony followed by the first walk on the Skywalk by the council members and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was invited to join the tribe along with former astronaut John Herrington. Sweet!

After all the media, family and friends walked the Skywalk, everyone else had their chance to experience the Skywalk. I felt rushed and the walk was more like cattle being moved along, but I still took plenty of pictures and took in the many angles of scenery. It wasn’t as scary as I originally thought because the picture they advertise is not quite what it looks like in person. The actual loop doesn’t go out as far and the sides aren’t as open as the advertisement made it look. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I think. I’m sure there were certain things the architect had to add to pass code. Overall, it was a very cool experience and how awesome is it that I was one of the first to take the walk on the Skywalk before it was open to the public. So fun!

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