Firestorm 2007, Oct 25th

As we are starting day 5 of the wildfires and evacuations, the devastating fires around San Diego county are starting to take a toll on San Diegians.

I live in a central location of San Diego where the likely hood of evacuation is slight, but even though I am somewhat disconnected from those who are going through such tragic trials, I am still very much a part of this story.

My family is affected- My parents were evacuated Monday night and found refuge by going east to Arizona. Unfortunately their area is still under mandatory evacuation even though the fires are not in close proximity. What a huge difference from 4 years ago when Crest was engulfed in flames. So, for now they wait until they are able to return to their home.

My work is affected- I work out of my parents home and since it has been under mandatory evacuation since Monday, business is closed until further notice. That means I am stuck at home, waiting for my job to resume.

My body is affected- I am 33 weeks pregnant and because of the smoke and ash, I have been restricted to my home, my car or places with air conditioning. I haven’t been outside for longer than a few minutes and I’m starting to go stir crazy. The heat has also been an issue because I’ve had to keep the windows closed in my home in order to keep the smoke out. We don’t have air conditioning, so even with the fans going it’s still warm inside.

My community is affected- 20 minutes to the North, South and East of me are either under evacuation or on fire. People in areas of San Diego such as Ramona are getting restless as well. They have been evacuated since Sunday or Monday depending on their location and want to go back home to their neighborhoods to assess the damage, but are still being told to stay away. I can only imagine the frustration they feel and have recently been experiencing some myself as I wait for my parents community to be lifted off of mandatory evacuation. It is hard to be rational when all you want is to make sure your home, business and previous life still stands. Unfortunately, that is what many are faced with…waiting and wondering. It is like that all over…Poway, Rancho Bernardo, Jamul, Chula Vista, Julian, Fallbrook…and so many more. Slowly but surely people are and will be allowed access back home and they can only hope that their homes are still standing.

My friends are affected- I recently heard from my friend Angie that a gal we both know, her families home was burned down in the fire that tore through Fallbrook. They didn’t even have a chance to gather their belongings because they were out of town and heard about the fires over the news. I can’t imagine how that must have made them feel. They couldn’t even go back if they wanted to because of the mandatory evacuations going on…they just had to wait. Unfortunately, they were one of many that lost their homes.

The up side is that soon the fires will cease, the homes will be rebuilt, the grass will grow, people will go back to work and life as usual. Nothing on earth is permanent, everything is temporary.

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  1. Hi Julia,

    I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by the fires, and I will praying for your family, friends, and yourself, during this difficult time.

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