Corbin’s First Bed

Late last night I was doing a random search on Craig’s List when I came across a twin boy bed that I loved. I showed Luke right away and we decided to send an email to inquire. The gal emailed us today saying it was still available and we went to check it out tonight. It is now in our living room. The bed was just too good to pass up. It even came with a mattress and box spring that’s only a year old. Love it! I can’t wait to rearrange the boys room! What I mean is…Luke will be doing all the furniture rearranging and I will do all the decorating. Fun, fun! We are also hoping this will help Corbin get excited about being a “big boy” and “big brother.” We don’t want him to feel rushed into the big bed, but in the mean time he can get used to it being in the room and when he’s ready we can start transitioning him.

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