Corbin is 2!

I decided to take Corbin to the Zoo this year for his birthday and was able to get a few of his playmates to join us. It ended up being a great idea! Grandma (Nana) and my friends Joy, Kathleen, Kimberly as well as their kiddos were able to make it. We walked all over the place and saw lots of animals along the way. It was a great adventure! Kathleen’s son, Ethan, was cracking me up all day too. I’d say “Ethan, look at the monkeys! See the one sitting on the ground?” and he’d respond “Look, squirrel!”. Later I say “Ethan, look at the Hippo! Aren’t they huge!?!” and he promptly said “Hey, look at the ducks!”. Hahaha…. We finally left around 2pm, but not until spending a good 20 minutes looking for something fun for Corbin to take home. Finally Nana decided to buy him 2 toy frogs and a turtle. Corbin was so excited! Corbin was out before we left the parking lot. It was a good day.

Happy Birthday my little man! You make our lives so much fuller. We love and cherish you and can’t wait to see what an amazing big brother you will become.

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