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Japanese Garden

I took the boys to the Japanese Garden in Hayward today. It’s tucked away from the main street and something you’d normally pass without noticing which is why I am so glad I happened to hear about it and took the time to look on Google maps to find it. I dressed them up a […]

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Today was our first visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I’ve wanted to check out this museum sooner, but since it’s located in Sausalito and would have to drive through San Francisco I held off. That all changed when I found out that the museum has a free day each month. I love free […]

Newsboy Hat and Suspenders

I have been wanting to try my hand at suspenders and a newsboy hat for some time now and finally had a free afternoon. Not too shabby for my first time.

School Now In Session

Corbin is now onto his second week of home school and we happened to have received our first Geo package from Georgia. We opened up the box this morning to discover what was inside. There was a shirt that had been dyed with real Georgia dirt, homemade hot sauce, tons of awesome brochures about the […]

School Photos

I remember when my mom would take a photo of my brother and I on our first day of school and I wanted to do the same for my boys. Before we started our first day of kindergarten I took them outside to take a few photos to remember the day. These are precious memories […]

Coffee Cozy

Why try one when you can go crazy and try a whole bunch. Ha! And don’t think this is it…I have a bunch of girl prints too. I think I will have to do a giveaway just to get rid of some of these….I know…That’s Sew Julia!

Sweet Like Honey or Sharp Like a Knife

Not sure about you, but conviction hurts. You know when you feel it in your gut. Today as I went out with the boys to do a few errands I found myself using very aggressive and pessimistic words to my boys and found my aggravation growing during our visit to the store. I couldn’t get […]

Coffee Cozy

Back in January my father in law took me to a local coffee shop and showed me they had handmade coffee cozies and told me I should start making them. I put it in my memory bank until last night. I finally made my first coffee cozy! This cozy is sporting a bright superhero fabric.

Easter Sunday 2013

Happy Resurrection Sunday! We ended up spending half the day sharing the gospel with our children because of discipline issues. As hard as it can be at times, it is so important to share the gospel with our kids and walk them through repentance. Makes me so thankful for Gods everlasting love and sacrifice because […]