Newborn Pink Tutu

I love when I get a chance to work on little girly things. This week my friend from Japan reminded me about the tutu we talked about and got me to thinking I better practice. I had a little leftover light pink tulle (she wants hot pink) from another project, so I made a go of it. It’s not done, but I’m liking where it’s going so far. I will add other cute touches and hopefully make a cute matching headband to go with it. Oh, goodness…I can’t wait.
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Arata Pumpkin Farm

Today we took a trip over the bay to Half Moon Bay to visit Arata Pumpkin Farm. The line of traffic was dreadful, but sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy the scenery. We saw a few pumpkin places along the way that were packed and wondered if this is what we were up against. Thankfully that was not the case. We had no trouble parking and parking was free. The farm was well laid out so you didn’t feel like you were tripping on each other. One of the unique features that caught our eye right away were these amazing metal statues that were placed all around the farm. The boys enjoyed climbing the hay bails, walking through the corn maze and wandering around the pumpkin patch. They even had a play structure for the kids. By the middle/end of the day Benjamin lost his energy and just wasn’t himself. I am praying he doesn’t end up getting sick, but only time will tell.
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On the way home we saw these amazing dinosaur metal statues and had to stop to take a closer look. The boys have gotten into the show, Dino Dan and seeing these massive dinosaurs were just too cool for words.
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Bloomer and Legwarmer Sale

{Buy 1 Get 1 – 1/2 Off Sale} On all pre-made lace and ruffle bloomers (6-24 month). First come first serve! Sale Ends 10/10/2013. *Lowest price item will be 1/2 off. Lace = $8.99/ Ruffles = $9.95
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{Buy 1 Get 1 – 1/2 Off Sale} On all legwarmers. First come first serve! Sale Ends 10/10/2013. *Lowest price item will be 1/2 off. Ruffles = $7.50/ Plain = $7
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Learning About Grains

After our history lesson on Ruth from the Bible, we had a fun filled morning learning about grains. I found an online lesson called The Grain Train and discussed how bread is made. Then we read “The Little Red Hen” which is about a Hen who grows her own wheat to bake her own bread. Afterward I showed Corbin many different types of grains from pictures as well as a small sampling I put together as well as and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to made bread. I found the super easy no knead bread recipe online and started the night before because the dough had to sit for 12-20 hours. By 11 am we were able to move onto the second step of the bread making process which is to fold the bread on a floured surface and put it in a bowl to rise for 2 hours. Next, I had him pull out all the “grain” items found in our pantry so he could get a better understanding of the vast amount of items that include grains. And a day wouldn’t be complete without an art project. He drew grain stalks and traced with glue. Then he covered them with the grain samples already out.
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Bowling with Cardboard Rolls

Today I introduced our new scripture for the week, “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth” Psalm 121:2. Playing games is a great way to help kids memorize information. Repetition and fun is key! In our history lesson we read in Judges how the Lord instructed Gideon to send 300 men to destroy the Midianites and that they destroyed their idols. To help represent the destruction of the idols we played bowling. I brought out the toilet paper cardboard rolls that I have been saving and used them as pins and a regular lightweight rubber ball as the bowling ball. Every time my son said the scripture correctly he was able to throw the ball and count how many “pins” or “idols” he was able to destroy.
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