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Item In action

Angie Ochoa Photography from San Ramon took this sweet photo for me. I asked if she would test out my new newsboy hat, bow tie and suspenders. I will do a little tweaking after this test run, but still super cute.

Water Into Wine Experiment

Corbin and I did a little experiment found in our Hands On Bible after reading about the first miracle Jesus made in John 2:1-12 where he turned water into wine. As we found out, turning water into wine is only something Jesus is capable of.

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Today was our first visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I’ve wanted to check out this museum sooner, but since it’s located in Sausalito and would have to drive through San Francisco I held off. That all changed when I found out that the museum has a free day each month. I love free […]

Newsboy Hat and Suspenders

I have been wanting to try my hand at suspenders and a newsboy hat for some time now and finally had a free afternoon. Not too shabby for my first time.

Halloween 2013

Yep, the final choice for this years Halloween costumes were cowboys. Phew! It was not an easy decision to say the least. From pirates, to Indians, to brave knights, to ninjas, to the Lone Ranger and then cowboys…makes me dizzy just thinking about it. Ha! So happy they came up with something completely unique to […]

Pumpkin Festival, Half Moon Bay

Today we ventured over to Half Moon Bay for the second weekend in a row. We walked the main street because they were having their annual pumpkin festival. It is such a cute town and there were lots of things to keep our eyes, ears and mouths entertained. There were signs for pumpkin cookies, pumpkin […]