Thanksgiving Weekend

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***Sorry these posts are late. WordPress wasn’t allowing me to add photos, so my posts are behind.***

Moving to the bay area allowed us to open our home to family that live in northern California. Luke’s dad, sister, 2 aunts and uncle joined us for Thanksgiving. It was a Shiras reunion. And even though I was a crazy maniac in the kitchen I was so blessed to hear the conversations and laughter in our home.

Having Luke’s dad and sister in town for a few extra days allowed us to explore a little of San Francisco. We took them to Golden Gate park and had a mini adventure. I had no idea how big the park was! We only saw a small portion and I was in love.
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Corbin also opened a few birthday gifts early since Sheryl and Paul were here. He was so excited to receive his Lego set and spent the afternoon putting it together. Paul helped supervise.
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Japanese Garden

I took the boys to the Japanese Garden in Hayward today. It’s tucked away from the main street and something you’d normally pass without noticing which is why I am so glad I happened to hear about it and took the time to look on Google maps to find it. I dressed them up a bit just in case we used the on the Christmas card this year. The boys and I had fun exploring the garden and they loved climbing the rocks and discovering where the paths would lead. I think we found ourselves a magical little spot. Here are some photos from our adventure. Recently Updated121 (1024x724)

Kidz Love Soccer

Last week I told Corbin that it was supposed to rain Sunday thru Tuesday and his last class might be cancelled. He was so bummed, but I told him to pray about it and see what happens. Weather is sometimes unpredictable and changes last minute. Yesterday I told him that the rain we were expected to have is not going to happen and that soccer is on. He was so happy to hear it and had such a great time out on the field today with the other boys. Here are some pictures with his coach and the other kids.
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Bay Area Discovery Museum

Today was our first visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I’ve wanted to check out this museum sooner, but since it’s located in Sausalito and would have to drive through San Francisco I held off. That all changed when I found out that the museum has a free day each month. I love free days! That was all the encouragement I needed to make the drive and I’m so glad we did. The kids and I had a blast. There is plenty to entertain and the only time my kids complained was when I told them we needed to look at something new or leave the museum. That speaks for itself. Recently Updated113 (1024x683)

Halloween 2013

Yep, the final choice for this years Halloween costumes were cowboys. Phew! It was not an easy decision to say the least. From pirates, to Indians, to brave knights, to ninjas, to the Lone Ranger and then cowboys…makes me dizzy just thinking about it. Ha! So happy they came up with something completely unique to them and had fun with it. I found the hats at Michael’s for only about $2 each with coupon and Corbin wanted to add their names with foam stickers to personalize them. Everything else we had was in our closets. Love that! Attached are some pictures before the kids went trick or treating with dad. They were so excited! I just love the expressions on their faces.

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