Keen Family Photos

The Keens have been friends of ours for many years now. We’ve watched our kids grow, celebrated birthdays, holidays, attended church together, loved each other and have shared many tears and much laughter together.

A month ago we learned that they would be packing and moving to the east coast. What!?! No, way! Yes, way! This is sad news for us because of the distance that will be separating us, but good news for them as a family and for Corey’s new job. They will be missed terribly and there will be a great void here without them. I will especially miss Jess’s hugs. She gives the best hugs. *Sigh* I know they are only a looong car ride away or a plane ride or even a phone call away…that part is somewhat comforting.

One of their last requests was to take family photos at the beach and we made that happen Wednesday morning at La Jolla Shores. We made our way to the “not so crowded” part of the beach and started taking photos. The girls loved playing in the water and hammed it up in front of the camera. Dang, I’m going to miss them! Our time together was sweet and I was so happy to have that special time with them before they headed out.

I pray that God would guide their paths and they start a new chapter of their lives together and that they would hold tight to Gods word so that their marriage would be strong and can conquer any trial that meets them on this journey. God, let them continue to love much and laugh often because that is truly the best medicine. Please keep them safe on their trip and let their transition be smooth. Thank you, Jesus!

Moreland Family Photos


This morning the Moreland’s and I headed downtown to take their family photos. For the past three years they chose the most random photos of their kids to grace the cover of their Christmas card and this year they decided to try taking a family photo. I’d love to say the kids were angels and smiled the whole time and were delighted to pose with mom and dad rather than climb and run, but that just wasn’t the case. Not to say we didn’t have fun because we totally did. Just means we had to act fast and be more spontaneous because their attention spans were quite short today. All in all I think we had fun and came up with maybe not the most perfect family photo where everyone is looking right at the camera with the perfect smile, but ones that reflect their spunky personalities. Enjoy!

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