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Soccer Tournament

My brother asked if I would come and take photos of my nieces soccer tournament over the labor day weekend and I was happy to oblige. It was a great opportunity to practice taking action shots as well as visiting with my family. The girls did such a great job. They lost one and tied […]

30th Birthday Celebration

Many ladies get sad when they leave their 20’s…not my friend, Jess. She began her 30’s by throwing a birthday bash on the rooftop of LOUNGEsix located downtown off of 6th and J Street. This night was also momentous for Luke and I because it was our first date since Benjamin was born four months […]

Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Saturday we had three birthdays to attend to. Most people would choose to only attend one or maybe two, but we are crazy and thought we could handle it…or we’d at least try. We live a little dangerously! Ha! Isabella’s party was the last of the three and right before we turned into the parking […]

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Happy Birthday, Paige! We love you! Can’t believe you turned 7 this year. Your growing so fast! We love your energy, your creativity, your kind heart, the way you are nurturing and your hugs.

Happy Birthday, Gracen

Sunday we spent the afternoon at La Mesita Park to celebrate Gracen’s 2nd birthday. It was a beautiful day to play outside and spend time with friends. Happy Birthday, Gracen!

Keliah Turns 4

Today was Keliah’s 4th birthday. She had a Sherbert and Spice themed party designed by Victoria Hudgins. You can check more of her designs by clicking on: The City Cradle. Any little girl would love a party like this. The kids enjoyed the ball pinata’s, kites, hula hooping, ice cream treats and array of kid […]

A Baby Shower for Kathleen

A group of us ladies wanted to shower Kathleen with some love and celebrate her newest little man, Liam, on May 1st. The baby shower/brunch had a great mix of people she’s met through the years and Kendall chose some great games to get us out of our comfort zones. We had some good laughs! […]

Carmine Baby Shower

Shandree and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Carmine on Saturday. It turned out great! I can’t take even 50% of the credit because Shandree really did the most. She was amazing! At 37 weeks pregnant I really wasn’t up for any major running around and was so blessed at how she took […]

Happy Birthday Corbin!

Corbin is a year old today…and what a great year it has been. He just started cruising, has 6 teeth, loves to walk when holding our hands, claps his hands and waves (sometimes), is still quite social and especially loves the attention from other children. We just love him dearly. He’s the sweetest and funniest […]