Pumpkin Festival, Half Moon Bay

Today we ventured over to Half Moon Bay for the second weekend in a row. We walked the main street because they were having their annual pumpkin festival. It is such a cute town and there were lots of things to keep our eyes, ears and mouths entertained. There were signs for pumpkin cookies, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie, pumpkin churros, pumpkin cheesecake and even pumpkin corn bread throughout our walk. I was in heaven! I loved the atmosphere and all the wonderful smells. The crowds were a little much at times, but it was still a good time. The kids enjoyed making little pumpkin out of clay on the Michael’s bus and they even gave me a $10 gift card. We also scored other yummy free treats along the way like pumpkin coffee, protein bars and candy. We ended our time with a bowl of pumpkin ice cream and a rootbeer float. We can definitely say we were spoiled! Recently Updated102 (1024x683)

Fair Oaks Christmas

Here are a few photos from the parade and tree lighting in Fair Oaks on Saturday evening. It was our first activity of the season and it was so nice to sing Christmas songs and get bundled up in our winter clothes. Luke was the only one taking photos, so unfortunately he didn’t make it into one of our pictures. Oops!

Jasso Wedding

Jacob and Jessica Jasso are now married! The wedding took place at Desert Rock Church this past Saturday in Victorville at 3 o’clock. The church was filled with excited and supportive family and friends. I managed to watch the wedding party and bride and groom walk up front, but after that I was in the back foyer with the other moms watching their little ones because they don’t have the will power to stay seated for long moments at a time. The ceremony was over soon enough and once the bride and groom entered the reception room the party flew by. There were lots of smiles and laughs to be had by all. Congratulations you two!!! May the Lord bless your union and may you glorify him in all you do in your lives.

A Baby Shower for Olivia

I’ve been planning Kate’s shower for weeks now and am excited the day is finally here. I went with a vintage storybook theme because Kate loves the 40’s & 50’s look. My inspiration came from One Charming Party. I knew Kate would love it and the concept was easy to recreate in my own way. I started by finding some fantastic books like Nurse Nancy and A Day at the Seashore online that I used as centerpieces as well as flower pots with flowers made from Lollipops (wrapper is vintage looking) as favors. When party planning I really believe it’s all in the details…from the custom made signs, the alphabet mobile, the salt water taffy and alphabet cookies, to the stacking blocks and cute butterflies. They all bring the colors and theme to life.

I really do love blessing others through my creativity whether it be photography, art, sewing or party planning. Blessing Kate made my day and I am so looking forward to meeting her precious baby Olivia that God has been knitting away in her womb for the past 9 months. Yea! Cheers, to a fun time with friends and family. I love these ladies! They really bless me by their words of wisdom, their friendship and their love for God.

A Pirate Birthday Party

For the past 1 1/2 years Corbin has loved dressing up as a pirate and playing with swords, so it was only fitting that we would throw him a pirate party for his third birthday. I started early to gather fun pirate loot so that by his birthday we’d have lots of fun stuff to play with. Hitting the post Halloween sales really helped to complete my must have list.

Must have items for any pirate party:
1. Treasure
2. Pirate Cake
3. Pirate Flag
4. Scavenger Hunt
5. Swords
6. Pirate Costume
7. Pirate Crafts
8. Pirate Story

We also had fun with the food. We had meatballs (cannon balls), bread sticks (cannons) from Pat N Oscars, pirate veggies and pirate booty (cheese popcorn puffs)…and lots of other yummy food. Oh, and I can’t forget about the cake. I found it on Parenting.com and it was so easy and looked amazing. The kids loved the cake and couldn’t wait to eat it. I also made chocolate and pumpkin spice cupcakes.

Where did I get everything…here’s a list of locations. It may sounds like a lot of work, but I had been planning this for a few months and was able to find the best deals to save money.

Amazon.com – pirate flag ($4.00)
Michaels – pirate cupcake liners and flags, pirate crafts-cardboard swords and wooden pirate ornaments to color (used 40% coupons)
Target- foam swords for each kid ($1 each)
Local Library – pirate book for story time (FREE)
Parenting.com – pirate cake
Party City – balloons, pirate coins and the pirate drinking cups and napkins were 50% off from Halloween
Walmart – after Halloween pirate toys and candy (50% off sales)
Dollar Tree – red tablecloth ($1 each), pirate banner ($1)
***The costume and scavenger hunt cards were handmade***

The best part was seeing it all come together and seeing the kids and their parents enjoy themselves. I would say this was a successful party. Yeah!

God, thank you for all our family and friends who were able to join us on Corbin’s special day. What a blessing it was to be surrounded by the ones we love. Help us to be thankful in all things and to always keep our eyes on you. Party or no party, we are so blessed to have you as our Lord and that’s what really matters. Thank you for your unfailing love, mercies and grace. Without you we have nothing.

Kitchen Bridal Shower

Saturday was Susan’s kitchen shower and what a blessed shower it was. Veronica and other servant hearts from Grace Church did a fantastic job decorating the church. It looked completely transformed! Susan received some amazing and thoughtful gifts…from beautiful handmade items, to gifts from Bed Bath and Beyond as well as some sexy lingerie. Ooh La La! There were many special and personal moments that made the time so sweet. I love these ladies!

Thank you Jesus for taking care of Susan and Brian’s needs and for allowing them to be a testimony to us all. I personally love and feel humbled that He chose to use me to serve them as I have. Through this process our friendship has grown and I am just so honored to be her friend and a sister in Christ.

Terra turns 10!

On Sept 7th my niece, Terra, turned 10. Wow! She’s in the double digits now. To celebrate she had some girl friends over for a sleepover. I honestly don’t think they will be getting much sleep. Ha! The funniest part was remembering back to the days when I had slumber parties in grade school and just how silly we used to act. These girls were just the same. They were laughing, watching Barbie movies and making bracelets while eating birthday cake and candy. Good things some things don’t change.

Bridal Shower for Susan

I have been planning Susan’s bridal shower for months now and it is finally here. Not to be biased, but it was one of the best showers I have ever been too. Everything came together beautifully. The best part was seeing the smile on Susan’s face and seeing her be blessed by everyone that came. I also loved the time we took as ladies, married and unmarried, to pray for our sister in Christ as she gets ready to marry Mr. Kinley and become a mom to his son, Collin. There is really nothing sweeter. Veronica also spoke a little from Song of Solomon and read a sweet devotional. I love these ladies!