Carmine Baby Shower

Shandree and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Carmine on Saturday. It turned out great! I can’t take even 50% of the credit because Shandree really did the most. She was amazing! At 37 weeks pregnant I really wasn’t up for any major running around and was so blessed at how she took charge and handled most everything on her own. Did I mention that she’s an amazing and crafty woman? She is! She made homemade soaps that smelled like baby powder, wrapped and tagged them all. She also came up with appliquing fabric onto plain onesies as an activity. Everyone loved the project and Carmine is going to have adorable one of a kind onesies for her little girl. The food spread was also amazing! Everything was colorful, tasty, and fresh. Another great detail was the cake. Mrs. Keen made the cake and it turned out beautiful! I found the bird on and the colors matched great. I was also pleased to see that she received many of the practical items on her registry as well as some precious girl accessories and clothes. God really blessed her and I am so happy I could be a part of it.

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