Birch Aquarium

Yesterday we had an adventure at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. It was colder than expected or planned for. Tuesday was 75/80 degrees and sunny and Wednesday was 59 degrees and overcast. Not quite short and short sleeve weather we were expecting. Oops! Thankfully most of the exhibits are inside.

Once inside the building we turned right to view all the cool sea life. We thought for sure Corbin would linger and be fascinated with the sharks and fish in the larger tanks, but instead he just wanted to hurry and see what was next. Silly kid! Next we went to the tide pools outside and Corbin and Benjamin were able to play with the toy sea creatures and Corbin got to touch a real starfish in the tide pool. My favorite part was the Sea Horse Exhibit. I never knew there were Sea Horses that looked like dragons, but they really do exist. Corbin’s favorite part was when we found the outside water current display where the kids were able to interact and use dividers to redirect the water currents and then release boats at the top and watch them go down the maze to see where the current would take the boat. He did this over and over and over. I think he would have stayed there all day if he could.

Thank you Groupon for saving us money!

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