Benjamin Turns One

A week before we moved to Sacramento, Benjamin turned one. In the midst of all the chaos and missing Luke, we did our best to make it special. We spent the morning at Playtown in El Cajon and had chocolate cake in the evening with Nana. The great thing about kids is that they don’t need much to make them happy.

Time at Playtown was sweet time. Sherry, Kate and Lori were able to join us to celebrate and play the morning away. I am going to miss them all very much and their little ones too.

Later that day Nana came home with the most decadent chocolate cake. Corbin was asking all afternoon about it, but had to wait till after dinner. We gave Benjamin a nice big piece and he turned into Benzilla. The cake was destroyed. There was fudge oozing from his fingers and smeared all over his tray table. Chunks of chocolate cake were on the floor and little actually was eaten. I have no idea why I didn’t think to take off his clothes. Silly me! lesson learned.

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