Benjamin 9 months

Benjamin is 9 months going on 10 months. He already wants to stand apart from his brother even though physical similarities are undeniable. He’s a meat and potatoes boy and doesn’t want anything to do with pureed food, started cruising the furniture, puts everything in his mouth, throws a fit if I don’t do what he wants by arching his back and whining (love it-right!), he’s a light sleeper, a chatter bug, is moody and whines if brother gets too much in his space, but on the flip side he loves watching his brother and often laughs when his brother makes funny noises or gestures, takes 2 naps, has two teeth, prefers being held over the stroller and loves the outdoors. I love my kid and am so thankful that God blessed us with him.

Doctors appointment update 1/21/2011
Benjamin = 30″ tall, 19lbs 2.6oz and his head measures 18″
Corbin = 40.75″ tall, 34lbs 11.2oz

Benjamin 9 months
Corbin 9 months
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