Arata Pumpkin Farm

Today we took a trip over the bay to Half Moon Bay to visit Arata Pumpkin Farm. The line of traffic was dreadful, but sometimes you just need to slow down and enjoy the scenery. We saw a few pumpkin places along the way that were packed and wondered if this is what we were up against. Thankfully that was not the case. We had no trouble parking and parking was free. The farm was well laid out so you didn’t feel like you were tripping on each other. One of the unique features that caught our eye right away were these amazing metal statues that were placed all around the farm. The boys enjoyed climbing the hay bails, walking through the corn maze and wandering around the pumpkin patch. They even had a play structure for the kids. By the middle/end of the day Benjamin lost his energy and just wasn’t himself. I am praying he doesn’t end up getting sick, but only time will tell.
small43 (1024x731)
On the way home we saw these amazing dinosaur metal statues and had to stop to take a closer look. The boys have gotten into the show, Dino Dan and seeing these massive dinosaurs were just too cool for words.
IMG_7025 (1024x683)
IMG_7028 (683x1024)

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2 thoughts on “Arata Pumpkin Farm

  1. I know! The place was a kids wonderland. A family photo would be nice, but on this day Benjamin did not feel good and was being bribed just to look at the camera:)

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