Ani & Dennis Wedding

Saturday we dropped off our son with my parents for the night so we could celebrate the marriage of Ani Yerenanian and Dennis Gregory without worrying about our 20 month old. It was a good decision!

Ani & Dennis were married at the North Chapel in Point Loma and the reception was right around the corner at the McMillin Event Center. The ceremony was a traditional Armenian wedding. If you’ve never attended an Armenian wedding, it’s extremely traditional and formal and nothing like the fast paced weddings we typically attend in San Diego. The parish pastor/priest wore formal robes and the pastor and deacon sing/speak in a language I couldn’t understand. I was intrigued by the whole thing and felt privileged to witness such a wedding.

The reception was amazing thanks to Ani’s eye to detail. The flowers were vibrant and exotic, the cupcake tower was classy and scrumptious, the candy bar was fun and eclectic and the buffet was delectable. “She knows how to throw a party” as her sister said in her speech. She was right! Both sides of their families have a ton of energy, love to dance and have a good time. Many times throughout the evening the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” came into my head. Many women wore flashy dresses and men wore suits. We would have thought we were under dressed, but many others wore cocktail dresses and men wore dress shirts and slacks. Phew! Luke even said he should have worn a tie and he really dislikes wearing ties. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, two special latin dance performances, a slideshow of the couple, and of course the speeches. Everything went so well…what a good time.

Congrats!!!! Ani & Dennis Gregory

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