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I received an invitation today and I wanted to extend that invitation to anyone who may read my blog. Read the invitation below and maybe I’ll see you this Sunday.

Of all the world religions, only one dares to claim that its founder rose from the dead. This truth of the Christian faith is so important that if it didn’t actually happen in time and space, the Apostle Paul says we should be pitied, give up our faith and live only for today because there’s nothing more than what we see. However, if it is true and we dismiss this event as inconsequential, a fate far worse than being pitied is before us all.

Can we take such a claim seriously in a time when we believe all history is suspect and anything unfamiliar must be a myth? Everyone has an opinion about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and most of them are informed by cultural bias rather than thoughtful insight. How do we sift through opinion and fact? What about all the objections from experts in religious studies? What proof is there to positively show the resurrection is a historical fact and not mere wish fulfillment? What difference does it really make anyway? These are the types of questions we’re going to consider this Sunday as we come to celebrate with our hearts and minds the most astounding event in human history.

We invite you to explore the resurrection with us as we consider The Proof and Truth of the Resurrection this Sunday morning at Kaleo Church. This will be a great time to invite friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors who want to celebrate with you or who have questions about the risen Jesus. See you then!

Service Location:
Kaleo Church Mission Valley Sunday service is in the AMC Theater at Mission Valley Shopping Mall. The service begins at 10:30am

Come join us as we desire to change this city, with the gospel for God’s glory!


Kaleo Church

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