A Pirate Birthday Party

For the past 1 1/2 years Corbin has loved dressing up as a pirate and playing with swords, so it was only fitting that we would throw him a pirate party for his third birthday. I started early to gather fun pirate loot so that by his birthday we’d have lots of fun stuff to play with. Hitting the post Halloween sales really helped to complete my must have list.

Must have items for any pirate party:
1. Treasure
2. Pirate Cake
3. Pirate Flag
4. Scavenger Hunt
5. Swords
6. Pirate Costume
7. Pirate Crafts
8. Pirate Story

We also had fun with the food. We had meatballs (cannon balls), bread sticks (cannons) from Pat N Oscars, pirate veggies and pirate booty (cheese popcorn puffs)…and lots of other yummy food. Oh, and I can’t forget about the cake. I found it on Parenting.com and it was so easy and looked amazing. The kids loved the cake and couldn’t wait to eat it. I also made chocolate and pumpkin spice cupcakes.

Where did I get everything…here’s a list of locations. It may sounds like a lot of work, but I had been planning this for a few months and was able to find the best deals to save money.

Amazon.com – pirate flag ($4.00)
Michaels – pirate cupcake liners and flags, pirate crafts-cardboard swords and wooden pirate ornaments to color (used 40% coupons)
Target- foam swords for each kid ($1 each)
Local Library – pirate book for story time (FREE)
Parenting.com – pirate cake
Party City – balloons, pirate coins and the pirate drinking cups and napkins were 50% off from Halloween
Walmart – after Halloween pirate toys and candy (50% off sales)
Dollar Tree – red tablecloth ($1 each), pirate banner ($1)
***The costume and scavenger hunt cards were handmade***

The best part was seeing it all come together and seeing the kids and their parents enjoy themselves. I would say this was a successful party. Yeah!

God, thank you for all our family and friends who were able to join us on Corbin’s special day. What a blessing it was to be surrounded by the ones we love. Help us to be thankful in all things and to always keep our eyes on you. Party or no party, we are so blessed to have you as our Lord and that’s what really matters. Thank you for your unfailing love, mercies and grace. Without you we have nothing.

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