A Miracle

Many of you know that my husband and I have been married for about 2 1/2 years now. About 6 months after getting married we decided it was silly to take the pill if we truly trusted Gods sovereignty and timing. Well, here is where the miracle begins. On Wednesday, April 11th, 2007, I felt the need to pick up a pregnancy test. After taking the test, to my utter amazement, the test said “pregnant.” I was shocked, overwhelmed and then overcome with thankfulness and pure joy. I had no idea…this is truly a miracle from God.

See, I figured I was infertile and that the Lord closed my womb for a reason. I felt good about it most days, but there were always moments when I wanted a child of my own. Even though there were frustrating times, we never ceased to pray and trusting in God. We knew that if our desire for a child was honorable and true and if God willed it, it would be done.

My first appointment is May 2nd. Until then, all I know is that I’m pregnant. I don’t know when I’m due or how far along I am. I have to admit, that scares me a little. I am anxiously awaiting my first appointment and sometimes it feels farther away the closer the date approaches. I am so excited though to find out how my baby is developing. So much happens in the first trimester…brain starts developing, skin forms, hair, eyes, organs, hands and heartbeat….so much. I am so thankful that I can rest in knowing that the Lord is taking care of my baby. It is truly amazing. One day I’m a wife and today I’m a wife and mother. There are not enough words to explain the joy and appreciation we have. God is so faithful!

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