A day gone unexpectedly


What a jumbled up day. The plan was to go to the Zoo and arrive by 9am, but I ended up babysitting. Everyone I had originally planned on going to the Zoo with either got sick or had a change of plans and I didn’t find out till the night before or the morning of, so I thought I’d try to kidnap my friend Angie who was house sitting up in Carmel Mountain and take her with me. That didn’t go as well as I imagined in my mind. She accidentally turned her phone off instead of the alarm (that’s what she told me later that day). So much for my attempt at being spontaneous. While I was waiting for Angie to call back, my friend Hope called and asked if I could do her the biggest favor and watch Heather’s kids so she could help her with her tile floor. I accepted because I knew by then Angie wasn’t going to call me back and I was already out and about. The good thing is that I was ready to be gone for the day and had plenty of food, bottles, water, clothes, toys and the pack and play. We were set! We headed down the 163 and made good time. When I arrived Heather walked me through the routine and took off. Her kids were awesome and are for the most part self sufficient. They ate lunch and played outside…so easy! Corbin enjoyed sitting outside and watching the boys play. He just starred and laughed. After about an hour Heather returned and said after all that she couldn’t help Hope out after all. What!?! She could only cut tile, not marble…BUMMER! Thankfully Heather is super resourceful and got on her phone and started calling around to find someone who could help Hope out. I love her for that. Anyways…I left soon after and went home. What a day…not what I thought it was going to be, but nonetheless it was nice to be outside.

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