4th of July

I know this post is a little late, but at this point I’m just glad I posted it in the same month. Ha!

Being in a new city and away from all our usual traditions we decided to make a day of it. In the morning we went to see Despicable Me 2 and in the afternoon we drove to Sacramento to enjoy BBQ and pool time with friends. Oh, and before we made it to Sacramento I stopped off at a fruit stand in Davis and bought the most delicious strawberries. Yum! The kids had so much fun seeing old friends and a big highlight was going over to the Francisco’s and enjoying a little kid bike/scooter parade, water balloon toss and egg on a spoon walk. So fun! Then we headed back to the Mitchell’s for pool and BBQ time. You couldn’t pay the kids to get out of the pool. at around 9 pm the fireworks started going off and since Sacramento allows people to have fireworks we had a little personal firework show right in the front of the house (in the street and all safety precautions taken). So cool! We never had that living in San Diego and the bay area doesn’t either. We finally left around 10:30 pm and made it home around midnight. It was an amazing day and the kids could not stop saying how much fun they had.

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