4 Month Update

Today has been a day I have been looking forward to as well as dreading. It was my sons 4 month appointment. I love the part where they tell you all the stats, but I dread the shots.

We left my house 20 minutes early and of course, right as soon as we get into the car he starts grunting. We all know what that means…POOH! Smelly pooh. So we get checked in with time to spare and I run to the bathroom to change his diaper. As soon as we get back they call my sons name and we are headed to the room. The nurse glanced at my son and commented about his size. Yes, my son looks like he’s 6 months and just turned 4 months a week ago. What can I say, my son takes after his father (tall white and handsome-hehe). She then asks me to take off all his clothes and we’re off to get him weighed. My son weighs 18lbs 12.5oz (97%). No wonder why my back aches all the time. She also measured him and he’s 27″ tall (96%). It’s confirmed, he’s a big boy.

Back in the room we went and the nurse practitioner came in. She looked at us as if we were aliens. No, really. She mumbled a few words and then quickly left the room. Soon after the nurse came back, grabbed my paperwork that I filled out earlier and left. Again, Corbin and I were alone in the room. About 5 minutes went by and the nurse practitioner came back. She apologized for earlier and I guess my sons size threw her off…she thought he was older too. So weird! Anyways, she checked his heart, ears and eyes and everything looked good. She gave me some paperwork to take home as well as a cute cardboard book on trucks.

Now for the unpleasant part of the visit. The shots! After she left the nurse came back with 4 different shots as well as a drink. I really dislike giving him all the shots at once, but I’m not going to pay a 15 dollar copay 4 times. But anyway, Corbin did as well as a baby can do when he’s faced with pain and discomfort. He did cry, but nothing like his 2 month appointment. I’m so glad it’s over. Thank you, Jesus!

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