38 weeks and counting!

My ticker on my blog says I have 12 days left. Wow! That’s less then 2 weeks away. Corbin was 10 days early, so we’ll see what happens this time around. For no real reason I thought yesterday might be the day, but I was wrong. I think it was that fortune cookie that said “A pleasant surprise is in store for you” that messed with my head. Not like it was a same day delivery fortune cookie…I still have a newborn surprise in store for me…just don’t know exactly when. Ha!

I’m getting a little nervous about the birth part now, but I know I have a great support team at home and at church which makes all the difference. There are always what if’s that encompass my brain, however, (will I have stitches? will the baby blues be as bad as they were with Corbin? will I be in a lot of pain? how will Corbin react to the baby? will I conquer breastfeeding this time around?) even though I fully know none will be answered till baby #2 arrives, but you just can’t stop wondering. Wondering about the endless scenarios, the what if’s, and most of them are the worst case scenarios that I wish never popped into my head. Sometimes I just have to stop and pray for God to take those thoughts away because its not glorifying or productive. Thankfully in most cases, He does answer those specific prayers, and I can rest in knowing God has it all under control. He knows every hair on my babies head, He knows the number of our days, He knows my baby’s name even if I don’t yet…He knows! and that is good.

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2 thoughts on “38 weeks and counting!

  1. I am so proud of the mama you are, and will become. I have thoroughly enjoyed your candidness at our study and it is giving me inspiration to keep on as well. I am here for you, Julia, whatever it may be. I am so excited!!! And, just remember, if you choose to, I am totally down to deliver your baby in my living room. xoxo

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