Tooth Fairy Pillow

I have a huge craft to do list especially with my first craft fair coming up soon. I am super nervous, but I know everything will be great. Last night at around 11pm I decided to try my hand at creating a tooth fairy pillow. Most of my items don’t actually have templates or patterns and can take a bit longer to get the right look, however I think for my first try, it looks pretty good. Maybe just a little tweaking with the eyes.

Boys and Worms

My boys bonded over dirt and worms this morning after I found them hiding under our mats in the backyard. Corbin held them and played with them as if they were his pets and Benjamin was just as eager to get his hands on them to see what they could do.

Custom Dishwasher Signs

A crafty mama friend of mine back in San Diego makes dishwasher signs and give them as a bachelorette or wedding gift. I secretly wished she would give me one, but alas, it never happened. Years later and I still wish I had one, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I ended up getting a great deal on a bulk package of 4×4″ canvas even though I just needed one. I knew I could use the leftovers in some crafty way. Well, the sign turned out great and after posting a few pictures on my Facebook page I saw people were interested.

A few people have asked why people need a sign. Well, if you have a machine like mine, as soon as you open it the light turns off. I don’t know about you, but I am not the best at emptying the dishwasher right away and I am not the only one who does dishes in my house. Hopefully this will help clarify whether or not the dishes are in fact clean or dirty.

The buyer can choose the color, pattern or solid from color swatches as well as the picture in the center (utensils, flower, rolling pin, etc). Just message me and we can discuss details. Overall size is 4×4″ and the magnet is attached in back. The front is decoupaged and sprayed with an acrylic sealer to preserve its look as well as easy clean up.

To find the dishwasher signs on my Etsy page please click on Etsy-PhotoJulia. Thank you!