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Christmas 2011

God definitely blessed our family big time this holiday season. The Lord granted us travelling mercies as we traveled to San Diego and back and the kids did great both ways. DVD’s in cars are AWESOME! Once down in SD, we planned visits with friends and family almost daily and we got to meet lots […]

Beach in December

There are certain things you should do when you are in San Diego. The beach is definitely one of them. A good friend of mine and I finally got together after almost a year. We shared a long overdue conversation about life’s ups and downs while eating yummy Chipotle in Oceanside. Afterward, we jumped in […]

Baby Lila

2 months belated, but finally had the pleasure of meeting little Lila. She is a little clone of her siblings. Love it! Nothing better than hanging out with old friends and watching our children play together.

Snow Day Collage

Yesterday we went to Mt Laguna for a snow day. It was a spontaneous trip as most of our adventures are. After picking up a parking pass, we found a great spot hidden from the main road. We spent the morning climbing the snowy hill, sledding, throwing snowballs, making snow angels and taking in the […]

Benjamin 21 months

We took a 50 minute car ride east of my parents house to Mt Laguna to enjoy the recent snow fall. Even though we were surrounded by a winter wonderland, Benjamin decided to be super clingy, moody and not in the least bit amused. Maybe next year he’ll have a little more fun.

Creative Items

Here are a few of my recent creative projects. Enjoy!

Christmas Collage

Check out my Photo Julia Etsy page for more great items. Thank you!!!