Thanksgiving Holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday started out with my husbands family coming into town on Tuesday, also my husbands birthday. Wednesday evening went to Leatherby’s for ice cream sundaes. They were HUGE and tasty! The next morning we started the day right with fresh Pumpkin Spice Scones made by moi. They were a huge hit. The rest of the day we prepared for Thanksgiving dinner and hanging out with the family. By 4pm we were gorging ourselves with Turkey and all the fixings. Yum! We finished it off with a slice of Harvest pie from Cocos. Friday we had a mini family reunion. Two of Luke’s aunts and two uncles came over and was the first time they met our boys. The afternoon flew by while they shared stories about the good old days. Saturday we were dropping the family off at the airport and Sunday we dropped the kiddos off at the Adam’s so Luke and I could have a date on my birthday. Luke and I saw the movie, Hugo, and ate some yummy ice cream at Cold Stone. Phew! That was a lot to happen in one week. Blessings to you all! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Luke and his birthday gift

Luke’s birthday isn’t till tomorrow, but the boys and I decided to give Luke his cards and gift today. The cards were one of a kind creative masterpieces designed by me and my kids. The gift was Corbin’s idea. He told me that it wouldn’t be a birthday without a gift. When I told him that we didn’t have a gift because we’ve been sick and didn’t want to go out, he told me we could make our own. I decided to hear him out. He thought that if we put the musical octopus in a box and wrapped it, it would be the perfect gift. It was a little silly, but cute nonetheless. Let’s do it! We found the perfect box in the garage and picked the most masculine wrapping paper we could find. Yes, Care Bears was the best out of the bunch. Ha! The boys helped me tape the paper to the box and we all felt good about our gift and that Luke would at least get a good laugh out of it.

Happy Birthday, Luke! We love you so much.

1000 Fan Celebration(Closed)

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Folsom Hidden Beauty

After 7 months or so, I’ve learned a few things while living in Sacramento. 1. Don’t tell people you live by a park or the river because most likely so will everyone else. 2. There are bike trails all over Sacramento. Totally awesome if we owned bikes, but we don’t at this time. 3. You can find amazing parks everywhere. The kids and I go park hopping all the time. It’s a great way to find your way around the city and find cool new parks.

We have gone to Willow Creek park/trail (sometimes called Castle Park because of the cool wooden play ground) a few times and this past weekend I took a little walk by myself down the trail next to the playground while Luke watched the boys. My senses where in beauty overload. These are the times I just praise God for his design and workmanship.