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Halloween Goodies

My latest creative spurt got me in the Halloween mood. I found fun fabrics to make my oldest son a new vest and pair of pants. He loves his new pirate clothes. I decide to make a boy necktie and a girl skirt with the leftover fabrics. I love how one fabric can be transformed […]

Grandma Goes Skydiving for 85th Birthday

Luke’s grandma decided that for her 85th birthday she would go skydiving and actually did it. She said it was on her bucket list. Ha! She has more guts than I do.

Pirate Art

I had a great idea on how to make pirate art for Corbin’s room. It only took paper, glue and a few foam stickers to create these fantastic art pieces. I still plan on adding a few things, but that’s just what I do. The best part was that I finished before Corbin woke from […]

Susan Baby Belly

My friend Susan is pregnant with her first baby and she asked if I would take per belly pics. What a honor! Yes! God has truly blessed Susan with a godly husband, a son and now a baby girl to love. I am so thrilled for their family and pray that God would continue to […]

Jasso Wedding

Jacob and Jessica Jasso are now married! The wedding took place at Desert Rock Church this past Saturday in Victorville at 3 o’clock. The church was filled with excited and supportive family and friends. I managed to watch the wedding party and bride and groom walk up front, but after that I was in the […]