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Family Adventure

On the weekends we enjoy going on family outings. Because of the cool and cloudy skies we decide to spend our Saturday at the California State Railroad Museum located in Old Sacramento. Old Sacramento is filled with rich history and the buildings, train depot and trains have been preserved to keep the integrity. The wood […]

Fruit of the Spirit

I have been having discipline issues with my oldest son. He’s 3 1/2 years old. Through the power of prayer, I knew I needed to go to the Word (the Bible) because the Word is the living a breathing word of God and has answers to all our concerns. Galatians 5:16-25 spoke to me and […]

Name Your Business

When naming your business, would you put the words “cigarette” and “furniture” together? Well, a store a few miles from my new home decided that was a good choice. I guess they thought that if they started selling cigarettes the people from the lounge next door would come in and maybe buy some furniture. Ha!

I can make a dress

I am surrounded by my husband and two young boys, so I get excited when I get the opportunity to make a feminine scrapbook page, make a pink blanket, go floral with my nursing covers, have a girlie photo shoot and finally I can add dresses to my list of hobbies. Not because I’m pregnant […]

New Nursing Covers

I have some great new nursing covers for sale on my Etsy site. They also come with a handy matching travel bag. Check them out!