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Christmas 2010

The family gathered for Christmas Eve. We had great food (prime rib and all the fixings), enjoyed each others company and had fun watching the kids run around while playing games like Ele Fun. We called it an early night because we all knew we’d be up early. Christmas morning was enjoyable. We woke up […]

Hattox Family Photos

Sometimes the second option turns out better than the original plan. That happened today when I met the Hattox family at Past Time Farms. On the way I noticed a strip of land running along side the road that looked amazingly beautiful. The light was hitting it just right making the trees, grasses, fence and […]

Benjamin 8 months

Benjamin is 8 months, going on 9 months. He has changed so much these last few months. He’s determined, has a mighty grip, prefers being held (by mom especially), laughs at his brothers silly faces, is 100% breastfed, sleeps in his crib and wakes 1-3 times a night, loves being outside and has fun pulling […]

A Pirate Birthday Party

For the past 1 1/2 years Corbin has loved dressing up as a pirate and playing with swords, so it was only fitting that we would throw him a pirate party for his third birthday. I started early to gather fun pirate loot so that by his birthday we’d have lots of fun stuff to […]

White Christmas Photo

I love the White family. They have amazing children and they all are such sweethearts. The best part is they all love the Lord and serve Him and others with great joy. Thank you, Veronica, for your accountability, love, encouragement, insight, experience and listening ear. It was a true joy to take photos of your […]

Disney Magic

I am so thankful that I was able to treat my family to Disneyland yesterday. Because it was Corbin’s first time to Disneyland, we tried to prepare him by showing him a show about Disneyland through Netflix and on the big day he thought it was really fun that we let him dress up as […]