Holiday Travel

This is why I chose not to travel this Thanksgiving. Ha! Just kidding. I don’t know how people fly with kids. I have two now and the last time we flew we actually missed our boarding window by 5 minutes. It sucked! We had to wait 3 hours till the next flight. Not fun with a 1 1/2 year old. I can only imagine that we’d have to get to the airport 2+ hours ahead of time to make sure we can get through the line to get scanned. I wonder when someone is going to say they had a eating disorder because they feared the full body scanners…oh wait…I did. Ha!

Corbin turns 3

Three years ago God blessed us with our son Corbin (Dec. 2). He’s 34 pounds and already 1/2 my size (approx 41″ tall). My energetic and talkative little man loves to play puzzles and trains/cars, eating chocolate and other special treats, watching cartoons, hang with his friends, play pirates, visit the animals at the Zoo and making his brother laugh. He really is a sweetheart! I love when he tells me he loves me and gives me big hugs. I also love that he wants us to pray at night before bed. Those are sweet moments! He has changed our lives for the better and we love him so much. Happy Birthday, Corbin! Mommy loves you!