Crest Halloween Carnival

We decided to check out the carnival at Crest Elementary School this year. We knew Corbin would have fun especially after seeing how much fun he had at the Harvest Festival earlier in the week. He loved the games, the cake walk and even the haunted house. Corbin also won a cake on the cake walk on his first try. Lucky boy! We tried getting him to choose a giant cookie, but he picked out a bright green alien cupcake/cake. I’m sure it will leave all our tongues green. Ha! Oh the joys of being a kid. I’m so glad I get to watch him have so much fun and at times even join him in the fun.


We have been loving our monthly Zoo field trips. This month focused on Meerkats. We joined other mommies at the exit of the Zoo and once everyone arrived we started walking over to the Meerkats over by Elephant Odyssey. Before we arrived, we made a detour and stopped at a behind the scenes location where the tour guide explained about what animals eat and brought out worms and crickets for the kids to look at and even touch. After that we made our way to the Meerkats. The Meerkats were being shy this day and spent most of their time toward the back of the exhibit. Bummer! Because of this most of the kids lost interest pretty quickly. Next was story time by the rattle snakes and condors. The kids gathered around the tour guide and she read a book about what animals eat and passed out some fake fruit and grasses for the kids to touch. The kids really liked this. The best surprise was that everyone on the field trip got a bus stamp. This allowed us to take a bus tour for free. Yeah! Guess what we did after the field trip…yep…we went on a bus tour. The kids loved it and we enjoyed another fun day at the Zoo.

The Maize

Luke and I have fond memories of Seattle. One of the fun things we did while we vacationed in Seattle was visiting a pumpkin patch and took our first corn maize adventure together. We haven’t been able to make it back to Seattle since, but we have been able to recreate those memories by finding local corn maizes. The last two years we’ve gone to a pumpkin patch near Luke’s folks. This year we weren’t able to make it up to Apple Valley in time, so Luke found The Maize in Temecula, Ca. We didn’t know what to expect, but it looked cool from the website. Too bad the cloudy weather we had vanished on this particular day. Walking a corn maize in 80 degree weather takes its toll. I suggest bringing lots of water…we forgot ours. We had fun with the clues that they gave us. We choose to use the scripture clues. There were ten stations and at each station you read your clue. The answer would tell you which direction to turn. If you picked the wrong one it would take you the wrong way and get you more lost. Ha! Don’t know if we’d go back next year because it is a bit far for us, but it was a fun family adventure nonetheless.

Shiras Family Photo 2010

You’d think because we’re always taking pictures of our kids and other families that we’d have lots of family photos of ourselves and that’s just not the case. I have tons of the kids, but not us. I was just telling my husband that we’ve been to two weddings recently and have forgotten to take a picture of the two of us each time. Sigh! Thankfully my mom joined us on our trip to the Old Poway Park and took some photos of us. That was a huge blessing! I love my mom.

Benjamin 7 Months

Benjamin is now 7 months old. He is mastering sitting up for longer periods of time, reaching for items close up or far away, sleeping longer during naps, babbling and making the most adorable cooing noises, hardly ever cries in the carseat anymore, loves watching the world around him, is teething, loves his mama. Benjamin also loves watching his brother and Corbin loves to put on a show for him. I love hearing Corbin says “Benjamin is so cute!”…melts my heart.

Kinley Wedding

I have had so much fun these last few days because I’ve been able to see the fruits of my labor. I’ve been helping Susan plan, coordinate & create her wedding for the past four months and Sunday was the big day. What a beautiful wedding it was!

Saturday = rehearsal. God had been teasing us all week, but the rain held back and we were able to have the rehearsal outside. Pastor Steve Lamm directed the wedding party and even though we were acting goofy through most of it, he managed to finish in good time. Phew! After the rehearsal it was lunch time. Yes! All the food was made and brought from our church family at Grace Church. The rest of the time was spent hanging out with the family and wedding party. Good stuff.

Sunday = wedding. God again held back the rain all day. Thank you, Jesus!

As I headed over to the Bahia to meet Susan (bride) and Veronica (bridesmaid) at 8am, I was filled with excitement. The big day had finally arrived. Everything was amazing…the sun was shining, I had a cup of coffee and I was driving without any kids in my car with my choice of tunes on. Woohoo!

When I arrived the bride was getting her hair done by Abigail Reimer and while I waited my turn I took the opportunity to take a couple quick shots of the brides shoes, dress, accessories and the rings. The best part of the morning was chillin in the room, having some good laughs, drinking mimosas and just relaxing before the ceremony.

After my hair was done it was time to run over to the reception site with the flowers and marriage certificate. My husband was already there starting to set up. What a man! Kaylee and Olivia were also there to help. We quickly got to work and before we knew it things started taking shape. Later came the grooms sisters (aka bridesmaids) to help. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of volunteers. The best reward is seeing your creation come to life. The room was beautiful and the ceremony decorations turned out great. Wow! I knew I had big dreams for this wedding…and it all worked beautifully. Thank you, Jesus!

At 1:30pm my dress was on and I was ready to join the girls for photos on the south lawn of Marina Village. Walking over to the ceremony site was breathtaking. The aisles were decorated with paper lanterns and shells and the ground was scattered with yellow flower petals.

Walking down the aisle during the ceremony took me back to my wedding day. Seeing all the faces on you and flashes of light from the cameras was a little crazy, but as soon as I was standing next to the bride my focus was on the happy couple and pastor and the crowd went away. I loved how the message was Christ centered. If there was someone attending the wedding that didn’t know the gospel, they sure did when the ceremony was over.