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Yogurt Mill

We love Yogurt Mill (El Cajon) especially in the summer. It’s one of those small pleasures that I’ve always enjoyed growing up and now I get to share it with my boys…well, just Corbin for now. His favorite is chocolate and so is mine. The other day he told me I could have strawberry and […]

Halloween Costumes

Tom Arma Costumes have super adorable Halloween costumes for kids. The selection is amazing! They are a bit pricey if compared to Walmart or Target, but the quality and overall presentation is by far superior. Take a look!

Did I Forget to Mention

Did I forget to mention that Benjamin is also starting to sit for short moments of time. Yep! He’s such a big boy! It’s only for seconds, but it still counts. I also added some photos from our fun family outing at Santee Lakes on Friday afternoon. We fed the ducks, Corbin played on the […]

Baby Caleb

Today I took Caleb’s 2 month photos. He did amazing! He’s such a calm and relaxed baby and didn’t fuss once. I was able to get some great shots of his big brother as well. My baby on the other hand had lots to say. Ha! He’s such a babbler.

Truck Caught on Fire

A few nights back a truck went off the side of the road in the back canyon of Crest. We saw the truck in the morning and there were some people standing around looking at it as well as another truck getting ready to pull it out. They tried for hours with little success because […]

Benjamin at 6 months

Benjamin is 6 months old. He rolls over, enjoys standing and playing in his exersaucer for short periods of time, smiles with his mouth open, either has his pacifier or hands in his mouth, loves to cuddle, loves the outdoors, thinks Corbin is cool, grabs at his feet, pushes with his feet, babbles all the […]

Terra turns 10!

On Sept 7th my niece, Terra, turned 10. Wow! She’s in the double digits now. To celebrate she had some girl friends over for a sleepover. I honestly don’t think they will be getting much sleep. Ha! The funniest part was remembering back to the days when I had slumber parties in grade school and […]

Grace Church Picnic

We spent a great day after church at Santee Lakes with our church family. The weather was perfect! There was lots of food and fun to be had as well. The kids played lots of fun games and the adults chatted and played bocce ball, football and horseshoes. It was a relaxed day…just what we […]

Bridal Shower for Susan

I have been planning Susan’s bridal shower for months now and it is finally here. Not to be biased, but it was one of the best showers I have ever been too. Everything came together beautifully. The best part was seeing the smile on Susan’s face and seeing her be blessed by everyone that came. […]