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Subtle Differences

Today was Benjamin’s 4 month doctors appointment even though he’s technically closer to 5 months. He is doing great! He’s 15lbs 3.5oz (32%), 27.17″ (92%) long and his head circumference is 16.85″ (45%). I was proud to tell the doctor he was 100% breastfed and that I didn’t have any concerns. Thank you, Jesus! At […]

Nevaeh 8 months

Today I took pictures of baby, Nevaeh. She’s 8 months old and has the most amazing blue eyes. The funniest part was when her mom brought out her baby heels. They were hysterical! I couldn’t believe someone gave her baby heels as a gift. Ha! They reminded me of shoes Ms. Piggie from the Muppets […]

Benjamin 5 months

Benjamin is 5 months this week. He has grown so much and I am so thankful to God that I have been able to breastfeed this whole time. What a blessing! I love him so much. He loves to watch the world around him, is getting ready to roll over, lifts his legs up and […]

Zoo Field Trip

Did you know the Zoo has FREE field trips each month (with paid admission or an annual membership)? Each month focuses on a different animal. August is bug month and includes story time as well as a ride on the train. September is all about elephants and lions and includes a bus tour. I found […]

La Jolla Cove

Saturday evening we went to La Jolla Cove to visit with friends and enjoy the view. Corbin was especially excited to go to the beach and wanted to see some animals. We saw lots of sand, fish, crabs, some dolphins from a distance and even a big jelly fish in the tide pools. The kids […]

Happy Birthday, Levi

Saturday afternoon was spent at Hilton Head Park in Rancho San Diego celebrating Levi’s 5th birthday. What a gorgeous day to celebrate a birthday at a splash park! The kids had a blast playing in the water, eating lots of good food, and playing on the play structures. What an eventful year this will be […]

Baby Samuel

Today I enjoyed hanging out with Sher and taking pictures of her 4 month old son, Samuel. He is such a cutie! I just loved the facial expressions I was able to capture. To see more click on, Samuel

Cherry Muffins

My husband picked out some cherries at Trader Joe’s yesterday and at first I thought we’d just eat them as is, but then I thought cherry muffins would make for a yummy breakfast treat. I was right! The hardest part was chopping and pitting the cherries, but I’m not complaining one bit. It was worth […]